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Light a candle


" It's better to light a candle than curse the darkness"

Our City Collection Candles are inspired by cities that we grew up in, travelled to and absolutely adore.​ Pick a city and join us, Rewind, Reflex and have a moment to yourself.


Fall in love with Vancouver all over again with this refreshing scent!

Silver Apricot_Vancouver Candle

Inspired by the beautiful west coast city's climate, scenery and spirit.


Take a deep breath and smell the rain, bright neroli as the middle notes to boost your rainy mood, complemented with a wispy woodland fragrance.

Photo Credit: Emmett_sparling


Fancy a cup of tea?


This London inspired candle is steeped to perfection with the scent of black tea, stir in a splash of bergamot and blend with vanilla to create a rich, luxurious scent.


The alluring fragrance of English rose makes you feel like you are sipping tea in the middle of a rose garden. Base notes of cedar and lavender will keep you calm and grounded.

Photo Credit: ccauchi

New York

New York! New York!

This sophisticated city never disappoints. Neither does this candle.


The seductive mixture has a smokey base note of Tobacco and Bay Leaf, complemented by the sensual core scent of Ylang Ylang, topped with an uplifting note of bergamot to accompany you on this exciting journey.

Photo Credit:adam_kavon


Hong Kong

An homage to the “Fragrant Harbour”.


This reminiscent scent captures the base note of Tobacco and Bay Leaf, complemented by a refreshing fragrance of magnolia and green tea, layering with bergamot and black tea to lift your spirits.

Photo Credit:des.lo


Take a trip to the heart of one of the most vibrant cities in China.

Screenshot 2021-09-29 at 10.01.17 PM.png

Take a stroll through the Bund and see how old and new Shanghai come to play in unique and exciting ways, visit the Jing'An Temple in the flourishing downtown area to achieve a little bit of tranquility.

Infused with the delicate blend of jasmine and gardenia, complemented with notes of green tea and a trace of sandalwood.

Photo Credit:bingcheng.p



Self Care

Light a candle


"All the beauty of life is made up of light and shadow"

Our Candles are made with toxic free and sustainable ingredients. Self care without compromising the environment. 

You can sit back, Relax, enjoy the candle guilt free.

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